Through the movement of light on surfaces, Effetto AirClissi creates a powerful link with sound, offering a unique experience. Points of light dance and merge with musical waves, creating an irresistible sensory attraction that transforms the space into a dynamic and engaging stage where technology and aesthetics merge in unparalleled harmony.

– Jasmine Pappalardo, Designer

Essential Flow


Step into the heart of an extraordinary experience where air and light dance in unison to create a compelling scenario within a luxury sound system store.

With the « Essential Flow » project, the definition of spaces is guided by the innovative features of Effetto AirClissi. The goal of this project is expressed in the timeless connection between light, the movement it creates, and sound.

It is a multi-sensory narrative that goes beyond design. A compelling synergy that captures the essence of a new era in the integration of comfort and style in contemporary interiors.

The customisable Effetto AirClissi panel can be incorporated into any interior design idea. The result is an elegant and functional solution that redefines comfort and design in synergy with the main lighting fixtures.

The hydronic indoor unit and the room blend harmoniously with Effetto AirClissi. This revolutionary solution masterfully combines the Coandă effect air intake module with a sophisticated layer of LED light.