Effetto: the Coandă effect air diffusion module, where minimalist design and high technology coexist in a single product, ensuring maximum comfort and high air quality in the office environment.

– Oecus Design

Healthy Office


The innovative Effetto module, which combines air conditioning, design and advanced technology, inspired Walter Pegolo and Oecus to incorporate Galletti’s advanced hydronic cassette unit into an office environment characterised by contemporary aesthetics.

In this professional environment, characterised by clean lines and ergonomic designer furniture with neutral and natural colour finishes, the full potential of the Effetto module is revealed. Combined with Galletti’s AQVARIA hydronic cassette unit, this module offers optimal comfort thanks to the Coandă effect, which maximises the silent diffusion of air to create an ideal atmosphere for productivity and well-being.

Effetto’s modern, minimalist design, presented with brushed aluminium panels in three finishes, not only meets the practical needs of a modern office, but also offers users an unparalleled experience of comfort, harmoniously integrating advanced technology into the working environment. – Oecus Design

A workspace characterised by neutral tones, the latest design elements and cutting-edge technology provides the perfect environment for Effetto. An advanced module designed to blend in with the style of the room and create a comfortable atmosphere by optimising the air flow.

Thanks to the use of Dibond® aluminium panels and the Coandă effect, Effetto’s clean, linear design ensures even air circulation, creating a sense of well-being in the workspace.