The search for harmony in living and working spaces is expressed in the new ART-U skin, designed to reflect the dimension of time in your interior. A minimalist and striking design, finely crafted.

– Oecus Design

Timeless Spaces


Inspired by the need to reconcile living and working spaces in an environment dedicated to everyday life, Walter Pegolo and Oecus propose new inspirations for ART-U Canvas Graphic Skins, the ideal solution that combines performance, design and customisation.

With their contemporary aesthetics, ART-U Skins can be integrated into environments that change their work/personal function, proposing a solution beyond the material, where the play of spaces and light alternate, enhancing the shapes and colours of the environment.

In this context of Nordic style, characterised by clean and minimalist lines, ART-U Canvas blends in with the environment, creating a continuum between nature, harmony and functionality.

Timeless Spaces sets no limits to creativity, finding its place in living spaces, enhancing the light of interiors where time seems to stand still. Versatile and adaptable to any environment, from living spaces to remote workspaces.

A common thread from the exterior to the interior, where natural light filters through to the walls, creating a perfect balance. An innovative fan coil, a work of art that can be customised in terms of tone, geometry and colour to match the walls and design elements of the room.