We design solutions for a new contemporary style, where aesthetics, utility, and sustainability are seamlessly combined with technology and energy efficiency.

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Pushing the boundaries of comfort air conditioning, to develop new concepts in efficiency, design, materials, and customisation.

Thinking about the future is not just about finding a beautiful shape, it is also about finding the optimal relationship between technology and the environment. Providing the perfect air conditioning experience is our goal and our success. This is our way of doing business and the path we have chosen with the Galletti’s Advanced Design project and our solutions. Make yourselves comfortable!


We have an innovative approach because we see our products as the centre of an ecosystem, starting with the new paradigms of building environments and focusing on human comfort. We draw inspiration from different disciplines and sectors to create innovative solutions that meet people’s needs and promote sustainability. This is Design Thinking. This is what we mean by Open Innovation.

Design Thinking and Open Innovation, products for a new contemporary style.

A new Advanced Design Unit as the driving force to take us even further.