ART-U’s unique and innovative lines, combined with its technical performance, have earned it important endorsements from the juries of the most prestigious international industrial product design awards, such as the RedDot Award, the Good Design Award, the BigSEE Product Design Award, and the Architecture MasterPrize. Its recent inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2020 rounds out the list of prestigious accolades.

The ADI Design Index nomination is a pre-selection for the Compasso d’Oro Award and the annual selection for the Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione (National Innovation Award), sponsored by the Office of the President of the Republic, for which ADI selects three products from among those published in the ADI Design Index that are significant from the point of view of the specific theme of innovation.

A selection with a focus on quality, identified in particular by the key words of the Design Memorandum 2.0, the design manifesto promoted by ADI in 2013. These include intelligence, competence, rigour, but also the pursuit of the common good and beauty.

In addition to the nomination, the 2020 edition of the ADI exhibition of the best Italian design products was finally inaugurated at the new ADI Design Museum in Milan on 3 June 2021. A significant proportion of the products selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory – 207 out of 521 nominations – will be on display, including ART-U. The exhibition will be open until 20 June 2021.