The need for radical renovation has opened the way to a new kind of relationship: that between people and comfortable living, based on both air conditioning and aesthetics.
We put ourselves on the line and had fun.

Filippo Petrucci


3D Artist Filippo Petrucci interprets ART-U with vintage-style pixel-art graphics.

The setting for this artistic expression is the open space of a video game agency, particularly the beta testing and relaxation areas, in a building overlooking a lake.

The graphics on the panels and walls are inspired by 1980s video games and, together with the shape of the furniture and the colour of the walls, give the impression of a large screen on which the genesis of an idea is graphically represented.

To further characterise the project, ART-U Canvas was used as an integral part of the graphic and interior design concept with the intention of stimulating concentration, inspiration, creativity, and sharing.


Living is becoming increasingly smart. A touch is enough and the room changes shape, adapting to our needs, sometimes even anticipating them.
Ready for the next level?

Playing is a serious business; it requires concentration, skill and a multifunctional environment where you can concentrate and relax at the same time.
There are no tricks when it comes to comfort.