The new frontiers of innovation meet creativity. Technology and technical rigour come together seamlessly. The units fit in with today’s commercial realities, which are dominated by a modern style with a focus on sustainability

– Oecus Design

Go Green At Work

The Project

A cutting-edge multifunctional reality, a place where exterior design is combined with modern standards in infrastructure. In these commercial spaces, heat pump efficiency meets contemporary architecture.

The unit is designed to fit into commercial spaces without compromising on design and ambience, demonstrating how functionality and aesthetics can be combined.

In the commercial context, we favoured a more minimalist and modern approach. The unit was set in its own garden space, where the emphasis was on integration with the surrounding architectural elements and the choice of materials and colours that blend harmoniously with modern urban design.

VLS is the latest generation range of air-cooled chillers and heat pumps designed for commercial environments that combine urban design and the environment, while respecting sustainability criteria.

The generation systems are placed in open spaces, among natural elements, where their distinctive V-shape reflects the minimalist design of the surrounding structure without looking out of place.