With ART-U Canvas Total Graphic Skin, I have found pleasure in creating a sensory continuity, a harmonious link between the elements of Mediterranean nature and the style that this wonderful island has developed together with the craftsmanship of its inhabitants. Every detail contributes to a unique experience, enveloped in the scents and timeless beauty of the Mediterranean

– Jasmine Pappalardo, Designer



The ART-U Canvas Total Graphic Skin project, interpreted by Italian designer Jasmine Pappalardo, was conceived on the balcony of a B&B, surrounded by the scent of citrus fruits.
This innovative synergy of design and comfort transforms the space into a vibrant island experience. From the breathtaking panorama to the vintage Sicilian cement tiles skilfully reproduced on the fan coil, ART-U Canvas Total Graphic Skin captures the essence of the island, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the Mediterranean climate and style.
Every detail corresponds to an innovative customisation of the spaces, resulting in an interplay in which living comfort always prevails.

The colour palette, moving between the tones of the earth, the sky and the sea, with shades of blue, white and grey. The Canvas Total Graphic Skin becomes a work of art integrated into the environment, a portrait of elegance and tradition that reflects the richness of the Sicilian surroundings in every detail.

The chromatic and visual continuity between the horizontal and vertical surfaces creates an atmosphere of harmony and balance. Hues gently blend to create an ambience where each element is part of a visual story, an ode to cohesion and refined aesthetics.