Beyond performance.
When technological innovation is unleashed to create something aesthetically pleasing, the result always exceeds expectations. No one has ever thought of air conditioning as a source of beauty before.

Studio Effetto


Studio Effetto has chosen to place ART-U Red in a cosy setting, as the beating heart of the house. The choice of setting is a clear reference to architecture strongly reminiscent of Brutalism, reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective, where wood and metal finishes coexist with cement.

The house, with its strong, decisive geometric shapes and its location in the woods, becomes a safe and comfortable refuge, and the presence of ART-U guarantees the possibility of creating a perfect habitat.


Colour contrast as a weapon of seduction. Can a wall that is unconventional in terms of colour, shape and contours attract even more attention?
Absolutely, and the ally is ART-U Red.

Design finally makes sense, triple sense in fact. Quiet and beautiful to look at, with a material surface that is also pleasant to the touch. So you can really enjoy your environment.