The ability to make decisions is an essential element of freedom. It can be based on data and experience, of course, but above all it can be based on the emotions and sensations we experience in the moment. Everything must be perfect in the setting where you choose your next adventures.

Studio Podrini – Studio


According to Marco Podrini, ART-U Metallic Skin Grey is the perfect fan coil for a home office. A space that is not only the “creative refuge” of the home, but also a representative office, welcoming clients in a tastefully designed environment where the air-conditioning system contributes to the overall style of the room.

In this delicate balance, the natural brushed aluminium finish of ART-U Metallic Skin Grey blends perfectly with the textured walls and the strength of the desk, as if to illuminate the desk and the ideas that are born there.


A matter of character. The features, soul and surface of the front panel reflect the natural vibrations in the room, creating reflections in which it is easy to recognise oneself.

The aesthetic fusion of walls, furnishings, lighting design and natural light slits creates a completely new balance with climate comfort. The pleasure of experiencing each space is revealed.