Discreet but distinguished. Attentive to detail, but not conspicuous. With Disc-cover we have found the perfect element to open the door to design-driven innovation in interior climate comfort. It was designed to cover, but is all about discovery.

Studio_SVL – Home Recording Studio


ART-U, also thanks to the addition of the “Disc-cover”, can be both functional and the finishing element of a very specific interior. Studio Savelli demonstrates this in this project: the fan coil is installed in a young man’s flat, characterised by very specific furnishing accessories that cannot easily be combined with a normal fan coil.

The presence of pop elements, a power tool, and a modern workstation help to clearly identify the product’s target group.


Disc-cover puts the finishing touches on design. A functional element for the ceiling that is aesthetically important due to its interaction with the shape of the entire fan coil and the space in which it is installed.

Sticking to style. There are no limits to its placement, and the magnetic coupling system allows infinite configuration versatility.