A creative inspiration that drives innovation to add character to interiors where air conditioning and elegance are on the same wavelength

Studio_SVL – Museum project


Can ART-U become a work of art? According to Studio Savelli, it can. And it proves this with two different projects located in a museum setting: the first is in collaboration with Warios, a street calligrapher, with a calligraphy work on a concrete wall that ends seamlessly on the fan coil; the second is in collaboration with MarBaf, whose conceptual art combines pictorial works with photographs.

A distinctive feature of these projects is the demonstration of the need that environment and fan coil have for each other: in fact, removing the fan coil from the scene leaves the works incomplete.


A work of art or technological progress: why do we have to choose? The combination of performance and aesthetics is so perfect that it unleashes every impulse for style.

Configurations surpass ambitions. As Picasso once said:”Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”