We have turned air conditioning into an essential design element. To give shape to this space, it was not enough to combine the smooth, textured and grooved shapes of the surfaces with light: only ART-U could complete a flow capable of balancing aesthetics and functionality. The comfort of the occupants and the minimalist style of the fan coil are now an integral part of this environment, and it shows

– Studio Podrini

The Breath Ballet

The Project

A space. A work of art. ART-U Metallic Skin Grey is the state-of-the-art solution that completes STUDIO PODRINI’s creative expression in the design and creation of an iconic private home.
The simple design of ART-U Metallic Skin Grey makes comfort an integral part of this environment. Invisible to the eye, the air dances in perfect synergy with the light and the natural materials, becoming a silent but powerful protagonist.
ART-U Metallic Skin Grey revolutionises the concept of comfort, setting a higher standard of aesthetic harmony and climatic well-being, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in an atmosphere of unprecedented serenity and style.

The brushed aluminium front panel, combined with the black side panels, not only provides a striking texture, but also blends perfectly into rooms dedicated to concentration and tranquillity, adding an element of unparalleled elegance.

The simple, clean and minimalist lines of this product embody the essence of innovation, combined with surprising and reliable performance. A furnishing that is not only in tune with current interior design trends, but also redefines them, helping to make spaces more minimalist, innovative and in line with contemporary tastes.