The library is a celebration of design, a place where book culture blends harmoniously with the philosophy that less is more. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a refined and comfortable environment, transforming the library itself into an experience to be savoured. In this context, Effetto stands out as the ideal air conditioner, visually eliminating any element of structure in favour of a clean and orderly perspective.

– Walter Pegolo, Designer



The library becomes a design icon thanks to the elegant presence of Effetto AirClissi. Its luminous body is the silent yet powerful protagonist, perfectly combining concentration and comfort.
The elegant and slender structure of the hydronic cassette unit blends effortlessly into its surroundings, providing ideal lighting, keeping the room air-conditioned and enhancing its overall aesthetics.
Effetto AirClissi writes a new chapter in comfort, offering a higher level of reflection and concentration, allowing you to immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquillity and style.

The discreet perfection of Effetto AirClissi blends harmoniously with the minimalist design of this modern library, providing elegant lighting and an ideal climate without compromising the clean, refined aesthetics of the space.

The 4000K neutral LED light layer is eye-catching, providing perfect illumination with adjustable intensity via the EVO controller. Customised brightness and style merge into a unique experience with Effetto AirClissi.