EFFETTO AirClissi Grey


An innovative design for effectively diffusing fresh air. It adapts perfectly to the 600×600 mm ACQVARIA cassette unit.


A minimalist, streamlined design that uses innovative materials in the cassette unit sector. It optimises air flow thanks to the Coandă effect. The Dibond material prevents the formation of condensation, ensuring maximum reliability of the ACQVARIA enclosure. In addition, installation and maintenance are simplified thanks to magnets on the front panel.


EFFETTO features an innovative metal panel made of Dibond, which gives the module a clean, linear design. The aluminium gives the product a brightness that can be useful in dimly lit rooms. The steel intake grille forms a single surface with the Dibond panel, contributing to the overall thinness of the product. In addition, the panel spaced from the ceiling interacts with the elements of the room and the light sources.


We carefully designed the geometry of the EFFETTO air ducts using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. The main objective was to maximise the Coandă effect in order to optimise air flow and ensure even distribution in the room. In particular, we focused on the cooling mode to avoid localised discomfort situations. The ducts and Coandă effect allow the air flow to reach the ceiling and walls without passing directly over the occupants, ensuring maximum comfort.


The range of cassette fan coils is available in the ACQVARIA and ACQVARIA i versions, respectively with a three-speed AC motor and an EC motor. The ACQVARIA i series of cassette fan coils consists of 6 models that can be used with 2-pipe systems and 4 models that can be used with 4-pipe systems. Both versions can be combined with all control panels with a wall-mounted user interface supported by a programmable microprocessor.