Aesthetics merge with comfort.

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Enjoy an extraordinary experience with the innovative design module for air intake and diffusion that uses the Coandă effect. Compatible with the 600×600 mm ACQVARIA hydronic cassette units, this module offers unique comfort. You can also add an AirClissi illuminated module for an even more dramatic effect.

1-5 KW


Galletti introduces EFFETTO: the design module for air intake and diffusion with the Coandă effect that enhances the reliability and comfort of ACQVARIA hydronic cassette units.

1-5 KW


Allow yourself to be enchanted by EFFETTO AirClissi: Galletti transforms the concept of hydronic cassette units into a new aesthetic dimension, where air and light are the focus.

Technical specifications

  1. Fan drive assembly
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. Structure
  4. Condensate collection and drainage system
  5. Air filter
  6. You can choose between: ABS grille, EFFETTO design module, or EFFETTO AirClissi design module


Perfectly optimised airflow thanks to CFD simulations. Thanks to the air duct profile, the air flow follows the ceiling, taking full advantage of the Coandă effect.