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150-590 kW

Reliability under all operating conditions, extremely high performance at partial load, flexibility and configurability to meet all system requirements and the use of state-of-the-art components are all aspects that Galletti considers essential in the manufacture of advanced, design-oriented products.

The constant search for the “best” that technology and know-how can offer – in terms of components, new refrigerants, engineering solutions and services – represents the company’s daily efforts to move towards a vision of a future where comfort is achieved while respecting sustainability, making the best use of available resources, designing and manufacturing increasingly efficient products and minimising the impact of these products and systems as a whole.

This has led to the creation of VLS, a new range of air-water units with high seasonal efficiency using refrigerant R454B.


R454B is a next-generation A2L refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 467, one of the lowest on the market. This GWP value ensures that the VLS range complies with the gradual reduction of quotas of greenhouse refrigerants in the European market required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.


VLS uses up to 6 scroll compressors, each equipped with an intermediate discharge valve (IDV). IDV technology allows the compressor to avoid losses due to over-compression and the extra work the motor has to do at partial load, thus saving energy and improving seasonal and partial-load efficiency from 3% to 10%. This feature, combined with the high number of capacity control steps, makes it possible to achieve energy performance indices that exceed the standards of the HVAC market.


Hydro Smart Flow is installed on the hydronic side of the unit and consists of a 4-way valve and an installation kit. It is activated at the time of seasonal changeover by reversing the direction of flow of the water through the plate heat exchanger in line with the direction of flow of the refrigerant. In this manner a counterflow heat exchange is always maintained, thus optimising the operation of the unit in the summer and winter seasons and extending the unit’s operating range.


VLS implements a novel technology that allows, when the cycle reverses, to maintain the same direction of flow of the coolant through the condensing coils and to maintain air heat exchange that is always in counterflow. This advanced technology significantly reduces the risk of frost forming on the condenser coils. At the same time, UPWIND ensures optimised heat exchange during both evaporation and condensation, allowing Galletti heat pumps to guarantee high performance all year round.

We look to the future of our environment and the needs of the people who use our products.

Indoor comfort and sustainability: Galletti’s commitment is constantly evolving.

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