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Multipurpose MLE

40-240 kW

The most important tool at our disposal to meet the targets set to halt climate change is the increasingly effective and widespread use of energy from renewable sources. We can pursue this goal more effectively if we adopt Advanced Design as an original point of view: we prefer the “systemic” vision to the strictly “product-oriented” one, and we take as a reference the concept of circularity, whereby the “waste” of a process becomes a new raw material.
Looking at these concepts at a building and system level, we are well aware of the conditions where cooling and heating are required at the same time. Therefore, “waste” heat from one part of the system must become “raw material” for another part of the system.

This has led to the creation of MLE, a new range of multi-purpose units with total heat recovery using refrigerant R454B that can independently meet the cooling, heating and domestic hot water loads of a building.

In this context, Galletti’s Advanced Design solutions for the heat pump sector aim to provide answers to the ever-increasing design requirements in terms of efficiency, reliability and versatility.
We are constantly raising the standard of our products, recognising that the success of the system depends on the collaboration and contribution of a wide range of expertise, both internal and external.

We work every day to make indoor comfort more sustainable.


R454B is a next-generation A2L refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 467, one of the lowest on the market. This GWP value ensures that the VLS range complies with the gradual reduction of quotas of greenhouse refrigerants in the European market required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.


The special cooling layout, combined with the presence of dual-circuit configurations on all models, allows the autonomous and independent production of cold water, hot water or both at the same time, using the total recovery of condensation heat. In this operating mode, the fan section is completely switched off and the condensation heat, which would otherwise be lost to the outside air through the finned coil, is fully recovered on an additional plate heat exchanger dedicated to hot water production. Thanks to the reduced consumption of the unit by switching off the fans and the dual effect towards the user (simultaneous satisfaction of hot and cold water demand), the efficiency index of the unit achieves values that would otherwise be unattainable with traditional heat pumps.


The units are manufactured using only state-of-the-art components. Strict design and quality control standards are applied to every unit manufactured.
To manage the multiple operating modes (cooling, heating, cooling and heating with total heat recovery), the cooling circuit has 4-way valves and uses pulsating solenoid valves (guaranteed for over 6 million opening/closing cycles), with layout optimisation to limit oil and refrigerant migration when switching from one mode to another.

This greatly increases the reliability and service life of individual components and the unit as a whole.

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