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PLP Heat Pump

35-65 kW

The reduction of polluting emissions, whether directly related to the use of greenhouse gases or more indirectly related to emissions from the production of electricity used during the lifetime of a heat pump, is the first and most important pillar on which Galletti has based its Advanced Design solutions.

This has led to the creation of PLP, a new range of natural refrigerant air/water units with inverter compressors. Its extremely wide operating range and high performance under all operating conditions make it the perfect answer to the need to phase out the use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling buildings.

Advanced Design’s solutions are intended for a future where we want to minimise our impact: Adopting ultra-low GWP refrigerants to further reduce our contribution to global warming.
Thanks to the high temperature of the water produced, we can replace a fossil fuel generator while maintaining the full performance of the existing emissions system.
By taking advantage of the continuous modulation of compressor capacity, we produce exactly what is needed to keep people comfortable, no more and no less, without waste, working to maximise the efficiency of the whole system.

We work every day to make indoor comfort more sustainable.


R290 (propane) is a natural refrigerant with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of only 3. This makes it a strong contender to be one of the leading refrigerants for air conditioning solutions. It has a much lower contribution to the greenhouse effect than synthetic refrigerants and physical properties that make it ideal for the design requirements associated with the ever-increasing use of heat pumps.


It is now clear that heat pumps will play a fundamental role in achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal, first and foremost the phasing out of fossil fuels. One of the basic requirements for the heat pump to be considered as a valid alternative to boilers, even in the most hostile climates, is undoubtedly the extension of the operating limits that have characterised the traditional heat pumps used until now. Thanks to the use of scroll inverter technology, combined with the use of propane as a refrigerant and the innovative solutions developed by Galletti’s Advance Design Unit during the design and prototyping phase, PLP guarantees the possibility of producing hot water at very high temperatures (up to 80°C) and operating at full load at extremely low outdoor temperatures (down to -20°C).
In this way (given the temperatures of the water produced, which cannot be achieved with traditional heat pumps), we can imagine replacing a combustion generator with an R290 heat pump, even if the insulation work on the casing is postponed to a later stage. This makes it possible to significantly increase the proportion of renewable energy used for heating without compromising indoor comfort.
Advanced Design’s solutions look to the future of our environment and the needs of the people who use our products.


The inverter scroll compressor used is part of the fourth and latest generation of scroll compressors offering a variable speed solution. In addition to the advantages offered by the technology (precise cooling and humidity management, low starting current, precise and seasonal energy efficiency), these compressors are equipped with specific features that add value to the PLP range. These include intermediate discharge valves, which increase efficiency at low compression ratios and further improve partial-load efficiency, and permanent magnet brushless motors.
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