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Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) solutions are the result of envisioning a future where the human contribution to the greenhouse effect is ultimately reduced to zero. They use ultra low GWP refrigerant fluids and are designed to maximize seasonal efficie ncy and waste heat recovery (multi purpose). They capture renewable energy from the outside air to heat interiors and are powered exclusively by electricity that can already be generated from renewable sources today. They are designed with a vision of a fu ture where climate comfort is within everyone’s reach and fossil fuels are no longer used. Enter the products section and discover how they can be perfectly adapted to your needs.


Galletti’s VLS is an air water unit with high seasonal efficiency using a low GWP refrigerant. The Advanced Design approach has guided the design towards maximum system efficiency, including total flexibility to best meet all system requirements; envisioni ng a sustainable future without compromise.


Galletti’s MLE is a range of multi purpose units using refrigerant R454B with total heat recovery. Galletti’s Advanced Design creates sustainable and energy circular solutions with minimal environmental impact.